Jacques Pauw (Financial Advisory)

Jacques is an entrepreneur at heart and after a short period in the corporate world founded the Fintrust Group in 1977 primarily as a private equity investment group. Its focus during the early years was on advisory services in investment and finance. During the 1980’s its focus moved to real estate development, which culminated in 1989 in an equal partnership with Syfrets Bank [later Nedcor Investment Bank] to establish the Syfin Group. Jacques served as Group CEO for several years, later as Chairman. Amongst other, Syfin initiated the R1, 5 billion + N1 City regional multi-use property project in the Cape Peninsula.

Since the mid 1990s, Fintrust acted as angel investor in a number of technology companies and Jacques served on various boards, mostly in the S.I.T. [Security, Identification and Tracking] markets. Fintrust divested its property interests in Syfin in 2000 to explore capital market trading and project funding structures until 2005 when it began concentrating its investment focus into cleantech opportunities, food security and intellectual property commercialization.
Fintrust has access to a wide network of professionals and collaborators for input into its investment decision-making models. The present market conditions dictate that more structured ways of collaboration is required and as a result of this Jacques, representing Fintrust, recently co-founded the InovaGroup. The latter consists of a group of like-minded individuals and companies who work together on a networking and collaborative basis, sharing with each other access to funding sources, opportunities, intellectual property and relationships in centres of excellence, project managed by best of breed leadership.